Too cute for words

Yup, that’s us. This week Chris and I had our engagement session(s) with Jessica Rayborn, our wedding photographer. We had so much fun that we had to come back for Day 2! Our first stop on Day 1 was the UVA Rotunda and lawn. We got more dolled up for this one and took some fancier shots (sneaking a few with the Clemson flag in there, of course). After we finished there we did a wardrobe change and went to the Downtown Charlottesville area to get some shots of us in more typical garb. We planned all along to stop at a third place, Greenleaf Park down the street from our house, because we really wanted to play in the water park there. It started getting dark while we were downtown, so Jessica agreed to come back out for another night with us. I’m so glad that she did, because the shots in the park are some of my favorites and are super fun! Here is the link to Jessica’s blog post about the whole photo shoot: Susan and Chris engagement photos.


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