The wiiiitch!

I spent a long weekend with my folks in NYC these past few days. We went up because my dad’s former student, Taylor Trensch, made his Broadway debut as Boq in Wicked, and we wanted to see him perform! We took the train up from Charlottesville, which is a glorious way to travel to NYC, I must say. We had a cute little rental unit in the Hell’s Kitchen area. Friday night we got dinner at “5 Napkin Burger,” which, oh. my. goodness., was the best burger I’ve ever had in my life. Saturday morning we headed to SoHo for brunch at the Clinton Street Baking Company (there’s a theme developing here… our trip did revolve quite a bit around food) and did some walking around the shops there and in Little Italy all afternoon. On Saturday night we headed to the Gershwin Theater for Wicked. We’d all seen it before, but man, Broadway is something else. We were front and center so I saw things I didn’t catch the first time around. Taylor was fantastic! It was really surreal to know someone on stage who was playing an important role. We happened to pick the same performance as his family did for their visit, so after the show we grabbed some sushi and hung out with them. Sunday morning I did my last training run before the 10 miler this coming Saturday, and then we were on the train back home.

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