San Francisco

This week I went to San Francisco for the 2012 Population Association of America conference. I got into town early enough to have a free morning to sight-see. I’d scoped things out quite a bit. There is a lot there to do, but many things required a car, or I wanted to wait and do them with Chris… plus I really only had a few hours. So, after starting off with an amazing breakfast at a local place, I grabbed a cable car up to Fisherman’s wharf and rented a bike so I could tool around for a few hours.

The cable car was completely cool. I’d read about the turnaround spot, and it wasn’t too far from my hotel, so I just went there first. Up by the water I stopped in at a Bay City Bikes and got set up for the day. Thank goodness I got the insurance and the helmet, because I only made it about a block away before I had a huge crash (PSA: do NOT cross cable car tracks on a bike unless you are perpendicular to them. If you are not perpendicular then your bike tire will get stuck in the track and you will crash and it will hurt). Luckily I was close enough to walk back to the shop, and I’m proud of myself for getting a new bike and carrying on. The worst part was that I broke my camera lens. Womp womp.

After getting all situated again I headed out on my way. I rode along the San Francisco Bay Trail to the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. The place was packed with tourists, but the bridge was amazing. It’s hard to believe that there is nothing supporting it from beneath. Eventually, I made my way back to the bike shop and made pit stops at Ghirardelli Square and a little sushi place before heading back on the cable car to the hotel to get ready for my presentation.

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