Dave and Heather’s Nuptials

I got a new sister-in-law this weekend! We headed up to NJ to celebrate the big weekend with Dave and Heather. Their wedding was fantastic. They chose Rutgers Gardens as their venue, which had beautiful scenery along with the very personal characteristic of being the place where they met and fell in love (well, not in the gardens per se, but at Rutgers). Dave and Heather worked really hard to make the whole day very “them”… they collected china and silverware from garage sales throughout their engagement, spent hours making homemade jam for the wedding favors (and lemme say, best. jam. ever.), sewed all the table covers and personalized cloth napkins (Dave also sewed his own tie), and made all the centerpiece floral arrangements. I’m really not sure how they found the time. But everything had the intended effect… the day could not have been more perfect.  Chris and I are so happy to see them so happy, and we’re stoked that Heather is officially a part of the family.

I should also mention that these pictures have extra special meaning to me because Heather asked me to be the official photographer for the “getting ready” shots. I had tons of fun with it, and I am so glad I could be a part of the day in my own important way.

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