Pinterest Summer Challenge

Inspired by the Pinterest Challenges on YHL, I decided to do my own summer Pinterest challenge. I had a lot of fun projects pinned, and I decided that I would do one each weekend that we weren’t out of town. This was the line-up and my pinspiration:

Project 1: Steph and I wanted to make these, and I decided it’d be the perfect accessory for Dave and Heather’s wedding. I went with deep pink beads to go with my blue dress. I got a lot of compliments on it, and it was really fun to tell everyone that I’d made it myself!


Pin 1


06.09.2012_Pinterest Challege Project 1_0001_small

Project 2: I think this is a fun look, and I have a lot of trouble remembering to put jewelry on, so I thought having it out and in my line of sight would be really nice. It’s been working pretty well, and it’s fun to look at all my pretty accessories.




06.16.2012_Pinterest Challege Project 2_0001_BW_small

06.16.2012_Pinterest Challege Project 2_0002_BW_small

06.16.2012_Pinterest Challege Project 2_0003_BW_small

Project 3: Flag cake. One word… amazing. Check out my 4th of July post to see more on how awesome this cake turned out. I used the Red Velvet cake recipe from the Cake Mix Doctor book. This cake has inspired all kinds of other ideas (see my birthday post for the cake in which Cat and I took this idea to the next level).


4th of July cake


06.30.2012_Pinterest Challenge Project 3_0004_BW_small

06.30.2012_Pinterest Challenge Project 3_0006_BW_small

06.30.2012_Pinterest Challenge Project 3_0009_BW_small

06.30.2012_Pinterest Challenge Project 3_0011_BW_small

07.04.2012_4th of July in Cville_0048_BW_small

Project 4: I love this braided scarf, and it looked pretty easy to make. I busted out some old Theta shirts from my stack of quilt t-shirts and went to sewing them together. In the end, it was kind of a dud, because I forgot to turn the shirts inside out, and the graphics just looked weird. These would be really cheap to make if I just bought a little fabric though, so I’m planning to try again.


Braided scarf


07.08.2012_Braided Scarf_0001_small

07.08.2012_Braided Scarf_0002_small

07.08.2012_Braided Scarf_0003_small

07.08.2012_Braided Scarf_0004_small

Project 5: I have been wanting to try grilled pizza forever! Steph, Chris, and I decided to make a night of it, and we got everything ready to go. Here’s what we learned: 1) Grilled pizza is easy to burn! You can’t leave the dough over the heat for more than a minute or two. 2) It’s best to set up a table and gather everything you’ll need outside by the grill. It was tough to run back and forth from the kitchen to the grill. Plus, when you do everything outside, you don’t have to deal with cleaning up any messes! 3) Even with all our rookie mistakes grilled pizza is pretty freaking fantastic!


Grilled pizza


07.13.2012_Grilled Pizza_0002_small

07.13.2012_Grilled Pizza_0004_small

07.13.2012_Grilled Pizza_0005_small

07.13.2012_Grilled Pizza_0008_small

07.13.2012_Grilled Pizza_0009_small

Project 6: I love making homemade cards. Store bought ones are so mass-produced and expensive. I prefer to make my own cards, ones that are much cuter and more personal. I made this one for my mom’s birthday. I really liked how it came out, and she loved it!


Birthday card


07.22.2012_Pinterest Challenge Bday Card_0002_small

07.22.2012_Pinterest Challenge Bday Card_0003_small

07.22.2012_Pinterest Challenge Bday Card_0004_small

07.22.2012_Pinterest Challenge Bday Card_0005_small

07.22.2012_Pinterest Challenge Bday Card_0007_small

07.23.2012_Pinterest Challenge Bday Card_0010_small

07.23.2012_Pinterest Challenge Bday Card_0011_small

Project 7: I fell in love with this scarf as soon as I saw it. It’s for sale on Etsy, but the price is insane, especially considering that it’s an easy pattern and the crafter uses cheap, acrylic yarn. Plus you can buy just the buttons from her. So my project for this week was to try out different patterns and figure out exactly which one was being used. In the end I had to do it again with different yarn, but my scarf is in progress now, and I’ll have to post the photos once I’m done.


Gray scarf


07.29.2012_Pinterest Summer Challenge_0001_small

07.29.2012_Pinterest Summer Challenge_0002_small

07.29.2012_Pinterest Summer Challenge_0004_small

Project 8: This is one of the first things I pinned. It just looked like such a fun and yummy snack. One afternoon Chris was working and getting hungry for something. I put these together, and they were really fun and delicious.




08.05.2012_Pinterest Summer Challenge_0005_small

08.05.2012_Pinterest Summer Challenge_0007_small


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