Seattle Days 1 and 2 – Pacific Ocean and Seattle

We spent last week in the Seattle/Tacoma area, because Chris’s cousin, Graham, married Katie!!, and the family went out to celebrate with them.

We landed in Seattle late Wednesday night and drove over to Gig Harbor, where we were sharing a rental with the Stephens. Eventually we managed to get to bed, but it took a while, because we were so excited to see everyone.

Thursday we decided to head to the Coast so Chris could see that Pacific. It took us a long time to drive over there, but Chris did get his toes in water at Ocean Shores, WA. We had lunch and then made our way up the coastal highway until the ended in the Taholah Indian Reservation. We tried to check out the beach there, but we quickly got kicked off, because we weren’t tribe members! Leave it to the Clapps!

The beach was very foggy and chilly, so we didn’t do too much basking in the summer sun, but it made for some really pretty views. I loved how much the terrain changed as we made the drive. The coastline there is much more dramatic than it is on the East Coast where I’m used to going.

At the end of the day, we headed back and then up to Seattle to get Dave and Heather from the airport (Diane flew in with them, but she went right to Gig Harbor) and then went to meet up with Graham’s wedding party for a night out in Downtown Seattle.

On Friday morning we scoped out some of Downtown, and we hit up Pike’s market. I was most impressed with the flowers there – beautiful, giant bouquets for only $5 a piece! At about 2pm we headed back to Gig Harbor, because we had been warned by locals about the traffic getting crazy between Seattle and Tacoma. That evening we joined everyone for the rehearsal dinner at a converted firehouse restaurant in Tacoma.

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