Seattle Day 5 – Glass Museum

We took it easy on Monday. Diane, Dave, and Heather left in the middle of the night to catch an early flight, but Chris and I stuck around for a few extra days. We hung out with the Stephens and hit up the Tacoma Museum of Glass. We actually weren’t too blown away (get it?!?) by the exhibit, but the Hot Shop was really, really cool.

The team of glass-makers was working on a blown-glass goldfish. It was amazing to watch them through the process. The team was very large, but everyone worked together in a seemingly very coordinated way. We were surprised that they could move around the workshop without scorching each other constantly. They had several blazing hot fires going, and they heated up the glass and then moved it around to various stations to manipulate it while it was hot.

That evening we went into the little town of Gig Harbor for dinner and met up with Courtney and Michelle. We enjoyed visiting and hearing all about their wedding plans and the big move back to Virginia!


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