Golden Birthday

This year marks my golden birthday. I turned 31 on the 31st. As usual, I celebrated for the entire month and had a line-up of fun things planned for each day of birthday week. Here are some photos of the festivities from the end of the week.

Thursday: Spudnuts! Once a year, during birthday week, I hit up Charlottesville’s famous Spudnuts donut shop for some potato donuts. Chris and I stopped in before work, and we totally lucked out, because a pair of men came in with their guitar and harmonica and treated us to a little fun, breakfast, folk music.

08.30.2012_Birthday Week!_0002_small

08.30.2012_Birthday Week!_0011_small

08.30.2012_Birthday Week!_0004_small

08.30.2012_Birthday Week!_0005_small

08.30.2012_Birthday Week!_0006_small

08.30.2012_Birthday Week!_0009_small

Friday: BD-Day!! I love when my birthday falls on a Friday. It’s so wonderful. We had a little shindig at our house to celebrate the glory that is me. We did grilled pizza and Cat helped me make a birthday cake that’s as cool as I am. It was inspired by the flag cake I made for the 4th. She did the frosting and the decorations, and it came out so cute. Everyone was really impressed, and, once again, the Red Velvet recipe did not disappoint.

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Saturday: I trained all summer for the Charlottesville Women’s 4 miler. This is a huge, famous local race. More than 3,000 women went out to Foxfield to run or walk and raise money for the UVA Breast Care Clinic. It was one of the most inspiring things I’ve done all year. Just seeing all those women out there together doing something active to support an important cause… it gives me chills. In its 30 year history, the race has raised over $2 million, and this year alone we raised over $330,000.

When I ran it in 2009, my time was a little over 42 minutes. My goal for this year was to come in under 40 minutes, doing sub-10 minute miles. And I totally killed it! I ran with Steph, Cat, and Becky, and we all achieved the goals we’d set. It was so much fun!

08.31.2012_Birthday Week!_0057_small








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