Oh shoot, gobble gobble

It’s Thanksgiving time again! (Watch that link through 0:22.) We packed Scottie and the Thanksgiving goose and headed up to Jersey on Tuesday to be with the Clapp side of our family. This year Dave and Heather hosted at their new house!

I spent a good part of Wednesday working on the pies I promised to make. I’d brought along a massive amount of fresh roasted pumpkin and the other fixings for my apple and pumpkin pies, including what I needed to try out the cinnamon roll pie crust. Thursday morning we ran the Hopewell Turkey Trot with Dave and Heather (their first 5K, and they did awesome!) and worked up an appetite for the big meal. Then we enjoyed a day of parade-watching, food prep, napping, eating, and family time. My pies were super delicious, and the rum creams we had at the end of the evening were also a real treat.

We spent the rest of the weekend mostly working on Chris’s job applications and helping out with some clean-up from Superstorm Sandy, but we did sneak some fun in on Saturday when we celebrated Chris’s birthday with the family and watched the Clemson-USC game.

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