Pancake Art

I’ve been making Art-cipes lately. I was inspired by a shop on Etsy that takes recipes and turns them into artwork. When I first saw them I thought, “Hey, that’s neat!,” and “Oo, I can do that!”

The first one I made was a Mother’s Day gift for my mom. I did the piece with my Grammy’s (mom’s mom) Banana Bread recipe, which is a special one in our family. My favorite part was the little divider I designed to separate the recipe title from the ingredients… little bananas flipped this way and that… it was super cute. I printed it, framed it, and gave it to my mom.  And she loved it. My dad loved it. My sister loved it. Everyone loved it. And everyone wanted one. My dad asked for a print of Nana’s (his mom’s) sauce. I made that one for his birthday in November (his divider was made up of little tomatoes) and also made a copy of each to give my sister for her housewarming present. And then everyone at the housewarming party wanted one. They are very popular!

So then my sister and I started brainstorming Christmas gift ideas for our friend, Karli, and she suggested an art-cipe print. Brilliant! We knew this was something Karli would enjoy having in her kitchen. I did a little sneaky detective work with her mom and got one of Karli’s favorite recipes along with a little info about her apartment decor so I could pick out a good color. Here is how it turned out (she got a divider made up of little whisks). She sent me a photo of it hanging on the wall on Christmas morning, so I think she liked it!

12.17.2012_Karli's Articipe_0003_small


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