Oh baby, Baby OH!

My good friend Laura, from Clemson, is having her first baby! He’s a little boy, and he’s due in March. Yesterday was Laura’s baby shower, and I was so excited to finally get to see her (and her husband, Joe, too!). We haven’t made it up to visit since she got pregnant, so the day was long overdue.

But first, I’ve got to talk about the gifts! When I got the shower invitation I realized that it coincided with my mom’s weekend visit. So, my mom and I have been in cahoots for a few months now about shower gifts. Laura and Joe picked yellow and gray for their nursery colors, so I went to work picking out the perfect amigurumi, and my mom went to work picking out the perfect quilt fabrics.

I actually started working on my project back when the Heckiverias announced the pregnancy. I knew I wanted to make amigurumi for them in lieu of bibs and the other things I do, because Laura’s family lived in Japan for a couple of years when she was little, and I knew she would both love the little animals and also really appreciate the connection with the Japanese culture. I flipped through the pattern book that Amy got me for my birthday this year and decided that the little zebra and giraffe would be perfect.  And wow, were they ever. I finished the zebra probably back in November, and he’s been sitting on my computer ever since. He is the cutest thing. I almost couldn’t give him away. But knowing how much Laura, Joe, and Baby OH would love him, I did manage to part with him. I love his sweet little face, but I think my favorite thing about him is his mane. Chris gives Scottie his haircuts, so I tasked him with that part of making the lil’ zebra, and Chris left it long deciding that he dug the “rockstar look.” I did too. I finished up the giraffe over the Christmas break, and he also came out super sweet. They’re a great duo.

As for my mom and the baby quilt, she picked out white, yellow, and gray fabrics, and also found the perfect yellow and gray stripe. We did the designing and brainstorming together, and, knowing Laura’s tastes, I advised my mom to go with “simple and classic” for the pattern. The baby shower invitation was adorable, and we wanted to incorporate it, so we scanned in the image and had a square print made by Spoonflower. We opted to put it in the lower corner, which led right into a great plan for the quilting… my mom stitched along the rays of the invitation and then continued the rays out through the remainder of the blocks. The quilt came out absolutely gorgeous, and we were both quite smitten. I’ve already told mom that I may need an identical one for my own nursery one day.

Saturday morning we put the finishing touches on everything, wrapped it all up in yellow and white, and headed to NoVA to celebrate Baby OH. The shower was at Laura’s mom’s house and was hosted by Keely and Missy, who did an amazing job and had the cutest decorations and food everywhere. We had a nice time mingling, and of course had fun watching Laura open her presents. One of my favorites was the rocking horse that Missy made. There were a lot of crafty people at the party!

We are looking forward to hearing about Baby OH’s big arrival in March, and we can’t wait to meet him!

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