Another year of our Scottie-dog

Scottie is having surgery today. He has two masses that the vets are concerned about, so they’re going to go in to remove them and do the necessary biopsies. This time should be nothing like the emergency splenectomy… fingers crossed that it will be fairly routine.

So, in his honor and to make this an annual tradition, here are a bunch of pictures of Scottie from 2012.

On his majesty’s pillows

Gettin’ groomed

Helping us at work

Hanging out with our shoes after taking them to his bed

Taking a nap (in the sun, if possible)

And just generally being happy.

It was a fun year of walking (he and I did 500 miles!), hiking, cuddling, and snuggling. We love you Scottie, and we can’t wait to play with you once you’re all healed up!

Update: We picked Scottie up today, and he’s doing great!


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