525,600 minutes (in photos)…

I just finished our 2012 Clapp Family Yearbook! (I guess the title of this post should actually be 527,040 minutes, since 2012 was a leap year, but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it!)

We made a lot of photobooks in 2009, what with our wedding in VA, second reception in FL, and our honeymoon in Puerto Rico, but the following year we decided we wanted to start making an annual book. One of the downsides of taking digital photos is that it’s very easy to have a ton of them sitting on your computer without ever getting around to doing anything with them. My computer screensaver is a slideshow of our photos, but other than that, we really don’t print or display many of them around the house. Photobooks are a great way to get our images out of cyberspace and into the real world. And the books make great keepsakes that we enjoy looking through again and again. So each January, we gather all our photos from the previous year and get to work. We’ve got photobooks from 2010 and 2011, and we’d like to someday go back and make ones for previous years as well.

2010 book   2011 book




We use MyPublisher to design and print our books. When we looked into making our wedding books, we did a lot of research into the best companies. MyPublisher was consistently in the top 3-5 of the various ratings and reviews that we found, and they provide a standalone software that allows you to make really customized designs. I strongly prefer this over websites like Snapfish, which are typically very limited in their page layouts. I spend a lot of time on the design, and I really love being creative and making the books our own. Plus, they have really great coupon codes all the time. This year I used their promo for free extra pages, so I got a 95-page, $110 book for just $35. I can’t say enough good things about this company.

So here it is, the 2012 Clapp Family Yearbook in all its glory (click on the image to check it out)!

2012 Yearbook


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