Goin’ to the Chap-lar of love

Chris and I were so excited to get to NJ at the end of January for Chip and Gisela’s wedding. These celebrations with the Jersey gang are always a blast… most of them have known each other forever (so much so that they make fun of Chip because he didn’t go to the same elementary school as the rest of them), and we have a grand ol’ time when we get together.

We drove up in light snow (terrifying for me, absolutely no problem for Chris) on Friday to the Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge, NJ. The venue was fantastic… beautiful and all in one place. We arrived for the Rehearsal Dinner on Friday and didn’t have to leave until after the brunch on Sunday. The whole weekend was very fun. They had a live band at the reception, and I’ve never seen so much food at a wedding: hors d’oeuvres at the cocktail hour included the usual cheese/veggie munchies plus passed trays of lamb shank, bacon-wrapped scallops, and the like, and a pasta bar with tortellini, eggplant parm, and mussels. At the reception we were served a delicious crab cake appetizer and then had a choice of chicken, chateaubriand, or Chilean sea bass with vegetables and mashed potatoes. The we had a dessert tray. Then wedding cake. And then late night sliders, chicken fingers, and popcorn shrimp. It was unbelievable  And, of course, full open bar the entire night. Chip and Gisela definitely know how to throw a party!

Chip and Gisela's Wedding 1

Chip and Gisela's Wedding 5

Chip and Gisela's Wedding 6

Chip and Gisela's Wedding 7

Chip and Gisela's Wedding 8

Chip and Gisela's Wedding 10

Chip and Gisela's Wedding 11

Chip and Gisela's Wedding 12

Chip and Gisela's Wedding 13

Chip and Gisela's Wedding 14

Chip and Gisela's Wedding 15

Chip and Gisela's Wedding 21

Chip and Gisela's Wedding 17

Chip and Gisela's Wedding 20

Chip and Gisela's Wedding 19


4 thoughts on “Goin’ to the Chap-lar of love

  1. Susan, these pictures are amazing!! Thank you so much for posting about our wedding. It was a fabulous time and we are truly blessed to have friends like you and Chris to share these special moments with. XOXO Gisela (Chaplar – eek, still getting used to that one).

  2. Hi Susan,
    I stumbled upon your awesome site today. What a surprise to see the pictures from Chip & Gisela’s wedding – they’re beautiful. It was such a magical day, wasn’t it? We couldn’t be happier for them.

    It was a pleasure to get to meet you, and to see Chris again.

    Congratulations to Professor Chris, and best wishes to both of you on your move to Fl.

    Kate (aka – Chip’s Mom)

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