He’s snow manly

Last week Chris and I had what, in all likelihood, will be our last snow day for at least the next 6 years or so. Needless to say, we made the most of it!

The flakes started falling on Tuesday night just before midnight. As we slept, our clock radios blipped on several times as the power lines started getting weighed down. At 5am the power went off completely. We snoozed for a few more hours, and then I moved to the couch to bury my nose in my book – Wild, by Cheryl Strayed (I couldn’t put it down. It totally got me stoked for our upcoming backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon). By mid-morning Chris was up, and I was hungry. Thanks to our gas stove we were able to cook delicious oatmeal complete with powdered milk (I have some on hand for when I make bread, and I despise oatmeal cooked in water).

Snow Day 07Snow dimples in the front yard!

After fueling up we bundled ourselves and headed out to get shoveling. Chris and I both really enjoy shoveling, and we often end up fighting over our one, lone shovel. This time we were lucky and were able to borrow one from our neighbor. The snow was wet and heavy, and there was about 10 inches of it. Chris’s dad said that the Weather Channel was calling it “heart attack snow.” It was hard work, but it kept us warm. I spent a couple of hours clearing the snow off my car and off the boxwoods that line the edges of our corner lot (they get really unhappy with all that weight on them). Chris shoveled our front driveway and all our walks and cleared giant spaces through the mounds of plowed snow on the street so Scottie didn’t have to climb through it (he’s not supposed to get very cold or wet because of his chemo) and so I could back my car out. And then we went over to our neighbor’s house and cleared her walks and driveway.

Snow Day 02Some of the boxwoods post-shoveling

Starving again, we went in to warm up and have some lunch. We ate canned soup leftover from Superstorm Sandy and mac n cheese (once again, hurrah for powdered milk!). We spent the next few hours relaxing… it was getting into the low sixties in the house, so we were pretty bundled, and Scottie just kept alternating between Chris napping on the bed/reading in the comfy chair and me reading on the couch. It’s so nice when Scottie snuggles close and keeps us warm!

Later we headed back outside for some more work. We lost a pretty big limb out back, and it had fallen into the middle of the road, so Chris busted out his chainsaw (get it?… he’s snow manly…) and got to cutting it up. I opted for the not-so-manly route and took pictures while he worked. In the middle of the sawing, at about 5:30, I looked up and saw that the back porch lights were on! Hurrah!

Snow Day 06The power is back!

It was the only significant snow accumulation of the winter, and if we had to get just one, I’m glad we got it after making the big decision to move to FL. I’m really going to miss snow days, and knowing we wouldn’t have one for at least a few years made it all the more wonderful.

Snow Day 05The fallen limb

Snow Day 08

Snow Day 03

Snow Day 04

Snow Day 10

Snow Day 11


3 thoughts on “He’s snow manly

  1. And Chris said it was too warm to snow!!! Looks like Dave’s chainsaw worked pretty well. The tree was bigger than I thought!! Great pictures! xxoo

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