St. Patty’s Day Feast

St. Patty’s is always fun in our house – good food, good drinks, good times. In this post, however, I’m just going to focus on the food.

We knew it would be a stellar eating day, since we started off with buckwheat pancakes and Virginia maple syrup. After our morning feast, I spent the rest of the day looking forward to Chris’s famous corned beef and cabbage. Every year he does it up right, and we get to eat for days. He starts in the afternoon with my giant canning pot.  First, he adds the meat and lots of seasonings, and then he lets that slow cook all afternoon.  A few hours later, he chops up and adds several heads of cabbage and a bag of red potatoes. Once everything is cooked through we dish it up and top if all off with some Plochmann’s. Now that’s a toast to the Irish!!

St. Patty's Feast 1

St. Patty's Feast 2

St. Patty's Feast 3

Special mustard decorations just for me!

St. Patty's Feast 4“Here honey, I made you dinner and poured you a drink!”


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