Meeting the new addition

This past weekend I took a day to drive up to Fairfax, VA to visit our Clemson friends, Laura and Joe, and meet their new addition. Collin David was born on March 6th – the day after his daddy’s birthday. Hanging out with a newborn is always super cool. It’s crazy to think that he just joined the rest of us a couple of weeks ago! I had a fun afternoon meeting Collin and watching him eat, play, sleep, and go through at least a diaper an hour… plus it was great to catch up with Laura and Joe and hear all about how this past month has been for their little family.

Collin David 12

Collin David 03

Collin David 04

Collin David 05

Collin David 01

Big brother Clemson puppy

Collin David 08

Collin David 06

Clemson was hoping to get in on some mat playtime!

Collin David 07

Tummy time – Collin can already do 1/4 of a pushup!

Collin David 11

Collin David 09

Collin David 02


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