Relaxing in the Inner Gorge

Friday was our easy day. We woke late, at least in camping terms, had a leisurely breakfast, and checked out our surroundings. Grand Canyon River Trail 26 The area in which we camped is called Phantom Ranch. In addition to the campsites, there is a lodge where hikers, mule riders, and river rafters can stay, and the Canteen where we bought postcards, snacks, and beers. Bright Angel Creek runs next to the campground, so we slept to the sound of cool rushing water. Phanton Ranch Once we’d had our coffee/hot chocolate, we stretched our sore muscles and readied our day packs before heading off to hike the River Trail. The trail is pretty short, just 1.7 miles, and winds its way along the Colorado between Bright Angel trail and South Kaibab trail. We had nice views of the water and got to watch the helicopter come and go as it dropped supplies off at Phantom Ranch. Grand Canyon River Trail 6 Grand Canyon River Trail 11 When we returned to the other side of the river, Chris and I made our way over to Boat Beach. There were a couple rafts on the shore taking a break from their trip. We checked out the American Indian ruins and dipped our hands into the cold river water.

Grand Canyon River Trail 14 After our short excursion, we went back to the campsite to chill out for a while. Chris and I took glorious naps – me in the tent and him on a picnic table under the shade of the Cottonwoods. Later, after dinner (Lynnie makes fabulous dehydrated homemade meals), we headed to the amphitheater for the Ranger Talk on the Kolb Brothers, who were early Grand Canyon pioneers and photographers, and then hit up the Canteen again to celebrate our second and final night at Phantom Ranch.

Grand Canyon River Trail 2

Silver Bridge

Grand Canyon River Trail 3

This still makes me giggle more than it should

Grand Canyon River Trail 4 Grand Canyon River Trail 7 Grand Canyon River Trail 5 Grand Canyon River Trail 8 Grand Canyon River Trail 9 Grand Canyon River Trail 10

Phantom Ranch goes back into the Canyon where you see the green of the treesGrand Canyon River Trail 12

Grand Canyon River Trail 13 Grand Canyon River Trail 15

Mules crossing the Black Bridge

Grand Canyon River Trail 1 Grand Canyon River Trail 16 Grand Canyon River Trail 17


One of the Kolb brothers on a Grand Canyon exploration trip

Grand Canyon River Trail 27Last hurrah at the Canteen

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2 thoughts on “Relaxing in the Inner Gorge

  1. Nice photos. I was there last week. Amazing place! Thanks for sharing the old time photo of one of the Kolb brothers. I admit that I’m happy I didn’t need to hike the path he was exploring …

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