Chris almost exclusively takes care of all of our Scottie-scaping chores:  brushing, haircuts, baths. A couple of weeks ago we decided it was time to give Scottie his summer haircut. He was getting hot on walks, and with the temperatures on the rise we didn’t think he’d get too chilly, even with the chemo. We decided to go for the puppy cut, which is short all over, instead of leaving his “hula skirt” long like the traditional Westie cut.

Chris trims Scottie in the basement, because that’s where we keep the shop-vac (you’ll see why that’s a necessity in the pictures). I’d never snapped any photos of the process, so I tagged along to get some pictures of just what they do down there when it’s haircut time. They have an area all set up, and Scottie loves it. He runs down there with Chris and just sits very calmly while he’s being brushed, buzzed, and trimmed. It’s great daddy-doggy time; they both really enjoy it.

Scottie-scaping 2

Scottie-scaping 1
Scottie-scaping 3

Scottie-scaping 4

If you’ve ever wondered how one trims the business end of a Westie, now you know.

Scottie-scaping 5

Batman ears – pre-trim!

Scottie-scaping 9

Scottie-scaping 6

Scottie-scaping 7

Thank you, daddy!

Scottie-scaping 8



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