Hard cider and a baby

One of our fun outings the weekend my folks were in town included my current drink of choice – Bold Rock Cider! – and my current infant of choice – Collin!

05.18.2013_Visit from Heckiverias_0010

Joe, Laura, Collin, and Clemson came down to Charlottesville to spend Saturday afternoon with us. Collin was a total champ, as always. We visited while he ate lunch, and then we headed down to Nelson County to eat at Devil’s Backbone Brewery. The food was fabulous, and so were the beers and ciders.

Cidery 2

A snapshot of me and the boys

05.18.2013_Visit from Heckiverias_0007

Chris takes his baby training duties seriously… playing with knives = FUN!

After lunch we headed over to Bold Rock Cidery. Laura is a fellow cider-lover, so I knew she especially would really enjoy it. We did our tasting but opted to skip the tour, because it was getting late, and there was a bit of wait until the next one.

Cidery 3

Laura snapped this photo of our tasting!

Back at the house, Collin ate again, and then they hit the road. It was such a fun day! I’m so glad they could make it down for a visit!

Cidery 1

Laura snapped this one of Clemson riding in front on their drive down.

05.18.2013_Visit from Heckiverias_0013

05.18.2013_Visit from Heckiverias_0002

05.18.2013_Visit from Heckiverias_0004

05.18.2013_Visit from Heckiverias_0003

05.18.2013_Visit from Heckiverias_0011


05.18.2013_Lois_Visit from Heckiverias_0007

05.18.2013_Visit from Heckiverias_0001


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