Last April, my favorite bloggers over at Young House Love shared lots of fun finds from the Richmond craft fair. One booth that caught their eyes and mine was the Articipe. It’s the coolest idea, and it’s also something right in my wheelhouse. As soon as I saw it, I knew I’d be making some of my own.

My first Art-cipe creation was a Mother’s Day gift for my Mom. I chose the most famous Mom’s-side-of-the-family recipe – my Grammy’s banana bread – and got to work. This is how it came out. My favorite part is the tiny bananas!

Banana Bread Amy

She really loved it, but so did everyone else who saw it. My Dad went crazy over it, and I knew he’d love one of his own. So I made him one, too. For him I chose the most famous Dad’s-side-recipe, my Nana’s sauce.


I printed and framed another set when my sister and brother-in-law threw their housewarming party, and of course we have copies of both prints hanging in our kitchen as well. I’ve made an Art-cipe print for my friend Karli, and my dad commissioned a pair using the Pignolata recipe (his favorite Italian Christmas goodie) for a few of his friends. They are just so much fun!

12.17.2012_Karli's Articipe_0003

2013-02-03 20.08.07

2013-02-03 20.07.35


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