Every Spring in Charlottesville the Foxfield Races come around. It’s a huge event, drawing lots of UVa students, locals, and quite a few out-of-towners. Officially, it’s a steeplechase race event. Unofficially, it’s a reason to go out and tailgate all day… and things can get pretty crazy. Our theory is that the students, who don’t hold football and pre-game tailgating quite as sacred as some other schools (GO TIGERS!), save it all up for Foxfield day in April.

04.27.2013_Foxfield Races_JR_0155

Fortunately, there are different sections for race spectators, and, thanks to our friend Jeff, we get tickets in the fancy-pants sponsor section, so we are spared the insanity. Though we do like to “go on safari” and take at least one lap through the student section at some point in the day to catch a glimpse of the debauchery. That’s enough.

04.27.2013_Foxfield Races_JR_0057

04.27.2013_Foxfield Races_JR_0082

04.27.2013_Foxfield Races_JR_0101

We haven’t gone to the races every year, but since this is our last Spring in Charlottesville, we thought we better get out there and enjoy it this time around. The sun was shining, the Chick-fil-a nuggets were plentiful, Gabe’s Magic Punch was flowing, and the Clemson tent was representing.

04.27.2013_Foxfield Races_JR_0008

04.27.2013_Foxfield Races_JR_0158

04.27.2013_Foxfield Races_JR_0164

04.27.2013_Foxfield Races_JR_0165

04.27.2013_Foxfield Races_JR_0210

04.27.2013_Foxfield Races_JR_0161

04.27.2013_Foxfield Races_JR_0234

04.27.2013_Foxfield Races_JR_0138

04.27.2013_Foxfield Races_JR_0223

04.27.2013_Foxfield Races_JR_0209

04.27.2013_Foxfield Races_JR_0214

04.27.2013_Foxfield Races_JR_0220

04.27.2013_Foxfield Races_JR_0218

Photos credits for most of these go to Jeff. And for the ones I did take… thanks for letting me play with your fancy new camera!


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