Sister, Sister!

I got to hang out with my sister for six glorious days last week!!! Aside from family trips, we haven’t been able to enjoy that much time together in years… at least a decade, I think.

Amy is a teacher now, so she is free as a bird during the summer. And I get flex time now, so while she was visiting I took off at least a half-day each workday. Something tells me we’re going to be doing this a lot more often from now on, especially when we’re only four hours away! The whole week was so fun and so relaxing. Neither of us had that feeling of “go, go, go” that can happen when you have company in town or when you’re visiting someone. She and I were totally content to go do something when we felt like it and, if we didn’t feel like it, to just relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Amy flew into Charlottesville on Saturday. That afternoon we drove out West towards the mountains and did a little hiking at Mint Springs Valley Park. Then we grabbed some Crozet Pizza on the way home for a delicious dinner!

06.08.2013_Sister Week_0001

06.08.2013_Sister Week_0003

Sunday we did a lot of shopping and then got pedicures for our aching feet.

06.09.2013_Sister Week_0010

Monday we hit up Timberlakes Drug Store for lunch – Downtown Charlottesville’s old-fashioned soda fountain and deli. Then we did a little more shopping and a good bit of napping.

On Tuesday we went to The Flat for crepes and then stopped by the Onesty Aquatic Park for a few hours of cruising around the lazy river and lounging in the sun.

06.11.2013_Sister Week_0020

06.11.2013_Sister Week_0021

06.11.2013_Sister Week_0023

06.11.2013_Sister Week_0025

Wednesday was our big outing day. We drove over the mountain to Luray Caverns. It’s a pretty popular attraction and a good-sized cave… the tour lasted about an hour and took us 1 ¼ mile into the Earth. It gave us flashbacks of our family trips to Mammoth Cave when we visited our Grammy in Tennessee as kids. We also explored the other little museums on the complex, and we even went gem mining! After the tour we ate a delicious lunch at Artisan’s Grill in “downtown” Luray and then called it a day. We made our way back to Cville, had a leisurely dinner that evening, and then topped off our sister-time with a late-night trip to Cook Out so Amy could experience their delicious milkshakes.

06.12.2013_Sister Week_0084

06.12.2013_Sister Week_0034 (2)

Scottie would love being carried down there

06.12.2013_Sister Week_0036

06.12.2013_Sister Week_0053

The stalactite and stalagmite are almost touching!

06.12.2013_Sister Week_0055

That translucent area where the light’s shining through… yeah, that’s still rock.

06.12.2013_Sister Week_0057

06.12.2013_Sister Week_0059

06.12.2013_Sister Week_0061

06.12.2013_Sister Week_0064

Wishing well

06.12.2013_Sister Week_0086

We both got really excited about gem mining.

06.12.2013_Sister Week_0103

06.12.2013_Sister Week_0108

We are so totally rich.

06.12.2013_Sister Week_0114

06.12.2013_Sister Week_0120You know we rang that sucker!


2 thoughts on “Sister, Sister!

  1. Nothing beats hanging out with your sister! I can’t wait to be done with school this week so I can visit w/ Diane! 🙂
    A. Pat

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