Chris uses secure Census data for his Economic research. He has to abide by several layers of security measures to do his work (YAY data security! Census takes this VERY seriously!). One of those measures requires travelling to a Research Data Center to access the data through a secure portal, and Chris goes to one in the Research Triangle in NC. And since I can do my work from anywhere, I get to go along when he heads down there and do my own work from the hotel. Data-cation time!

We started that term a few years ago when I took a class at UNC-Chapel Hill and Chris joined me for the week to spend time with his data over at Duke. It was so fun to go together on a work trip, and we’re such nerds, that we are excited to start doing this again now! So the second week in June we headed south across the border to NC. We found a dog-friendly hotel, so Scottie even came along to nerd it out with us. It was awesome to spend time together on the drive back and forth, while grabbing lunch for a mid-day break, and when out exploring the area together during the evenings.

06.06.2013_Duke Trip_0006


06.06.2013_Duke Trip_0005

Co-pilot on auto-pilot

06.05.2013_Duke Trip_0002

His majesty making himself right at home in our place for the week

06.05.2013_Duke Trip_0003

Scottie helping me work in a lovely spot we found outside

06.05.2013_Duke Trip_0004

William’s Gourmet Kitchen was a winner of a lunch place find

06.06.2013_Duke Trip_0007

So happy togetherrrrrrrrrr….


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