The Joys of Summer… er, late Spring

Memorial Day has come and gone, so while it’s officially still Spring until tomorrow, it’s definitely been feeling a lot like Summer for a while around here. This is just a quick post with a few random shots from this month so far…

This little guy was hanging out on the collards we got in one of our produce shares. He really wanted to be part of our dinner. Luckily I spotted him before he ended up in the wok!

06.03.2013_Summer Fun_0008

Daisies are the friendliest flower.

06.07.2013_Summer Fun_0009

Mulberries!! Nuf said.

06.07.2013_Summer Fun_0010

Scottie coaching me through my post-run stretch routine.

06.13.2013_Summer Fun_0011

This is the UVA gym that I frequented most during our years here in Charlottesville. I could walk there from my office… it was glorious. It is closed for the summer, because they’re putting in a pool (right when we’re moving, of course), so I took this one after my last workout there.

06.13.2013_Summer Fun_0012

My new kicks! A pair for running and a pair for walking… I felt pretty awesome when the running shop salesperson was impressed by how extensively I managed to wear out my old walking shoes in just six months.

06.13.2013_Summer Fun_0014

Happy last day of Spring! Enjoy the longest day of the year tomorrow!!


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