Four Italian Women and a Dude (Part Due)

Since we spent our first day in NYC downtown, we started Saturday out farther uptown. Steph and Mel had things to do that morning, so Jon, Julie, and I met up and grabbed some breakfast at H&H Bagels on the Upper East Side, YUM!, and headed over to Central Park. We enjoyed a picnic breakfast and then wandered around until we found the bicycle rentals. We got ourselves some sweet cruiser bikes (they didn’t go for my triple tandem bike idea) and set off to do the six mile loop around the park. It was so fun! We got to see everything AND enjoy the experience of avoiding tons of locals and tourists who were also out biking, running, walking, skateboarding, pedi-cabbing, or horse carriage riding. It was pretty crazy!

06.15.2013_New York with Hehs_0071

After our ride we met up with Steph, checked out the roof deck at her apartment building, and had some lunch at Crepes and Wine.  Then we walked around the Central Park Reservoir to the Upper West Side and the Natural History Museum. This was our luckiest find of the weekend. We planned to only stay for an hour or so, and when we arrived about an hour before closing we found out that admission for the rest of the day was free! We saved $19 a piece! We checked out all the African and Asian mammals and then looked around the dinosaur floor.  I definitely felt like I was in “Night at the Museum.

06.15.2013_New York with Hehs_0082

Roof decks are nice!

06.15.2013_New York with Hehs_0088_pano

06.15.2013_New York with Hehs_0103

06.15.2013_New York with Hehs_0101

Tigers with tigers!

06.15.2013_New York with Hehs_0107

06.15.2013_New York with Hehs_0111

He looks like he’s smiling. Hehe.

Next we met up with Mel at Rockefeller Center, and all five of us made the 70-floor ride up the elevator to Top of the Rock. They just renovated and reopened the observation deck back in 2005 after a 20-year hiatus. There were three different viewing decks, and the panoramas were awesome. It was fun to see the Empire State Building in the views of the skyline.

06.15.2013_New York with Hehs_0120

06.15.2013_New York with Hehs_0136

06.15.2013_New York with Hehs_0127_pano

06.15.2013_New York with Hehs_0134_pano

After that we took the subway back downtown to Little Italy where my friend Sunit joined us all for a wonderful Italian meal at Da Nico’s and a second dessert stop at Ferrara’s.

Sunday morning Steph and I met up with Jon and Julie for our last hurrah, a delicious brunch at Cinema Café on 34th Street, before I hopped in a cab across town to Penn Station to catch my train (I’ll sneak one more “YAY trains!” in here) back to Charlottesville.


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