My Big AnnoUNcemenT

Remember our whirlwind weekend back in May… the one where the stars aligned, and we got to knock out four separate events in on one trip. Well, I didn’t even tell you the best part. I couldn’t because my sister wasn’t far enough along until now… but I’ve been given the thumbs up, and I can now announce that Amy is pregnant!!! She and Justin expect the newest addition to their family to arrive in early 2014. I’m going to be an Aunt! Words cannot express my excitement. I pretty much can’t contain myself.

The week before we went down to Tampa Amy called to tell me that she might be pregnant. She had taken a test, and it was negative, but she was pretty sure that it was just too early. She said she wanted to try again, and she wanted me to be there when she found out. Ummm, OKAY!!! Best sisterly duty EVER! We were together for the bachelorette party on Saturday night, and she brought several tests along to take on Sunday morning before we left the hotel. Yeah, she found out on Mother’s Day, so cool… the weekend was straight up magical.

The test showed positive immediately. There was no 2 minute wait, or whatever it says in the instructions. About 3 seconds after she took the test she yelled that there were two lines. Apparently she was REALLY pregnant. WAHOO!!!!! There was lots of jumping up and down and hugging!!!! She called Justin to let him know he was going to be a daddy, and I called Chris to let him know he was going to be an uncle, but Amy decided to keep it a secret from my folks until later that day because she wanted to surprise them at our Mother’s Day dinner.

And man, it was tough to keep the secret. I went back to my folks’ house around lunchtime, and I was so giddy that they asked me what I was so happy about… I forget what lie I told them, but I tried really hard to wipe the perma-smile off my face after that.

Later that day Chris and I headed up with my parents to Amy and Justin’s house for our party. I passed the waiting time by prepping for dinner, and then it was finally time for presents. We saved Amy’s for last because it was by far the best. What a great Mother’s Day!

Since that weekend we’ve been anxiously awaiting the update from each Doctor’s appointment and eagerly reading the weekly summaries on the “I’m Expecting” app (yes, I have it on my phone, too, so I can follow along). It’s so fun to read about how the baby is growing and track its size… blueberry, cherry, kumquat… today starts “lime” week. Amy goes in for her second doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to hearing the updates from that. And in just a few weeks we’ll find out if we’re getting a niece or nephew. It’s all so fun!!!

05.12.2013_Amy's Pregnant!_0001

Breaking my rule – Do not post pictures of things someone’s peed on to the Internet – because this photo is just too great.

05.12.2013_Amy's Pregnant!_0002

The happy parents


I think this was from some time around the blueberry phase.



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