It’s been a few weeks since I posted last, and I’m hoping to get back to a regular schedule once my earthly possessions are unloaded from the moving truck next week… for now, an Instagram recap of our June and July (with detailed posts to come!).

In the last 61 days…

  • We went on a data-cation to North Carolina
  • Chris went to Indianapolis for our friend, Nate’s, bachelor party
  • My sister came to Charlottesville
  • I went to NYC
  • I made craisins
  • We saw Saturn at the McCormick Observatory
  • We found a new place to live in Tallahassee
  • We celebrated Nate and Cat’s nuptials (Chris officiated and I made a flag cake)
  • We sold a lot of our stuff
  • We figured out how to move everything we own 830 miles south
  • I got a great deal on moving boxes
  • We ate delicious summer CSA veggies
  • We said goodbye to lots of great people
  • We upgraded to Dr. and Mrs. Clapp!

You know, nothing big…


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