A birthday week treat for you

Today is the first day of birthday week!  Woo hoo!!  Every year I celebrate my birthday for as long as possible… usually, it’s birthday month, but August has been dominated by our move to FL this year, so I’ve got some catching up to do this week until the super awesome culmination on Saturday with BIRTHDAY GAME DAY!!!!!  I am SO EXCITED for Saturday!!!

As usual with birthday week, I’m making some fun plans.  I like to treat myself to a little something special each day, and I decided that this year I should also treat you, faithful reader, to something each day as well… a blog post!  I’ll be posting one each day this week through Thursday, and then I’ll be back next week (you know I’m not sitting in front of the computer writing blog posts on birthday weekend!).

We’re settling in nicely in FL, and a lot of you have been asking for updates, but you’re going to have to wait a little longer.  I’ll be posting lots of moving details in the coming weeks, but first up today is a recap of a few of the fun summer things we did in Cville before the big move:

We celebrated the first day of summer and longest day of the year with a trip to UVA’s McCormick Observatory for Public Night. We’d wanted to do this the whole time we lived in Cville, and we knew we couldn’t leave without going, so we headed over there to check it all out. The telescope is huge and also really old. We got to climb up the stairs to look through it and see Saturn, which pretty much looked like this.

06.21.2013_McCormick Observatory_0004

06.21.2013_McCormick Observatory_0013

06.21.2013_McCormick Observatory_0024

A couple days later I went to the Onesty water park with our neighbors, Fred, Keri, and Claire.  I had a blast hanging out with them, and it was fun showing Claire how to blow bubbles!

06.23.2013_Onesty Park with Claire_0001

In mid-July we had our ol’ pal Leo over for the weekend. It’s unbelievable how much he’s grown since we last watched him.

07.11.2013_Fun with Leo_0002

Over the course of the summer we said goodbye to more and more friends as they moved away from town. In late July my friend, Becky, hosted a farewell dinner for Cat before her big move to Cincy to be with her hubby (a full post on their 4th of July wedding is coming on Tuesday!). Becky didn’t hold back with the food – we had watermelon margaritas and fancy burgers, corn, and cole slaw.

07.20.2013_Dinner at Becky's_0001

07.20.2013_Dinner at Becky's_0002

And then a week before our move we had a hiking date with our neighbor, Charlotte.  She and her mom just moved into an awesome new house a little ways from our old houses.  Scottie and I walked over in that area all the time throughout our years in Cville, so I wanted to show Charlotte the trail near their house. We spotted lots of cool bugs, found the tracks and nests of several different animals, and tracked a couple of deer through the woods (Charlotte is really good at that!).

07.25.2013_Walk with Charlotte_0004


One thought on “A birthday week treat for you

  1. Happy birthday Susan!! I’m glad the move went well. I think about you and Chris all the time and love reading your blog and seeing your pictures.

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