You can call him Dr.

Today is hubby’s first official day of work! He’s been going in to the office for the last couple weeks, but classes start today, so campus will be bustling, and his Tuesday-Thursday class begins tomorrow, so it feels real now somehow. In honor of his big day, today’s post is a flashback to a little over a month ago, July 22nd, which was probably the biggest day for us since our wedding day.

On July 22, 2013, Chris became Dr. Clapp!!! WAHOO!! We (yes, I include myself in this!) worked and waited for that day for so many years, and it finally came. Chris set his defense date early in the summer, and he slaved away making sure that he’d be ready. That day I worked on campus so I could be nearby. A little before 2 we walked together to the Rotunda – so cool that students can defend their dissertations there. I worked in the Dome Room while he met with his advisers and convinced them to pass him. After so many years of work, it’s amazing how quickly this final hurdle went by. By 4pm he was done and out of there, and we were celebrating!! I am so immensely proud of him. He did it!!!!!

07.22.2013_Chris's Defense_0007

The defense room

07.22.2013_Chris's Defense_0003

Thinking important Dr. thoughts

07.22.2013_Chris Dissertation Defense_0001

The Dome Room where I worked and waited to hear the news

07.22.2013_Chris Dissertation Defense_0002

The little banner I put up for when he came to find me when it was all over (glad I didn’t jinx him)

07.22.2013_Chris's Defense_0026

Chris with his adviser, Steve

07.22.2013_Chris Dissertation Defense_0006

The signed cover page – they passed him!

07.22.2013_Chris Dissertation Defense_0004


07.22.2013_Chris Dissertation Defense_0007


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