Moving is hard work!

No surprise to anyone, moving is tough! We started prepping for our move, I mean really prepping, after we got home from Cat and Nate’s wedding. I think we had the usual major phases:

1) Find a mover

2) Clean out all our stuff

3) Pack all our stuff

4) Load all our stuff

Throughout the process I thought of this George Carlin stand-up bit A LOT!

I went into the process thinking we’d just go the full-service packing and moving route and be done with it. Then we got the quotes. And the sticker shock. Yikes! So we talked to some folks and looked into some other options. We even considered doing it all ourselves and driving a U-Haul to FL. Thank goodness our neighbor, Rebecca, knew of a better way. She suggested using ABF – a freight company that lets you fill up as much of a truck as you want, loads the rest of the truck with industrial freight (think Walmart or Target products), and drives it to your destination. Their quotes were much more in line with what we were thinking. I’m pretty sure they were actually the same price as U-Haul would have been in the end. We hired some packers and loaders in Charlottesville and some unpackers in Tallahassee, and that was it! (Well, as with all moves, there were some bumps along the road, but everything worked out great in the end, so I’m not going to dwell on those moments!)

07.30.2013_Moving to Tallahassee_0001

The ABF truck when it arrived on our street – it was parked in our driveway for a few nights

While we lined up the various companies we also spent several weeks cleaning out all our stuff. Man, it is amazing how much stuff one accumulates. I’m proud to say though, that we only produced 3 bags of trash throughout the whole thing. We donated, freecycled, recycled, and sold everything else. WAHOO!

07.15.2013_Moving Photos_0001

Piles of stuff ready for Goodwill – we had several areas like this throughout the house for a few weeks

07.28.2013_Moving Photos_0018

Our freezer wasn’t this empty since the first time I shopped for groceries in Cville

We spent the last week or so packing everything. I scored a Jeep-load of moving boxes and materials from Craigslist for a great price, and off we went. We packed pretty much all of our stuff except for the fragiles. We left that to the pros!

07.21.2013_Moving Photos_0017Lots and lots of moving boxes!

08.03.2013_Moving to Tallahassee_0015This is all I really needed though. Should’ve just stopped here.

Lastly, we got to the loading phase. We were really fortunate with the weather on loading day; it didn’t rain and it wasn’t very hot. The guys we hired did a great job. I don’t think I had to put a single box into the truck. Win.

07.31.2013_Moving Photos_0020

07.31.2013_Moving to Tallahassee_0008

08.01.2013_Moving to Tallahassee_0010

 I’ll be back tomorrow with the photos of our roadtrip from VA to FL via NJ!


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