My birthday got the “W”

I had a great time celebrating my birthday a couple of weekends ago! My big birthday week splurges were the most epic pedicure of all time (I got my toes ready for the big game) and a hot stone massage, which was awesome.

09.03.2013_My Birthday_0007

We had flights to Nashville booked for my actual birthday on Saturday – we headed up there for my friend-since-her-birth Mandi’s wedding (woot woot!). We flew out of Panama City, which is 2.5 hour away from Tally, so I opted to book us a beachfront hotel for Friday night and avoid that whole getting up before dawn on my birthday thing. It was so nice! And we’re pretty sure it was next door to the hotel we stayed at for two Spring Break trips during undergrad. Oh the memories.

After arriving in PC we strolled down the beach to Pineapple Willy’s for seafood and boat drinks, and later we enjoyed the lovely moonlit stroll back to the hotel. On Saturday morning we awoke to this BIRTHDAY GAMEDAY fabulousness:

08.31.2013_My Birthday_0002

Our flight to Nashville was easy-peasy on Southwest. We landed just in time to tune in to ESPN College Gameday to see the picks for our big game against UGA that night and this sign… I have the greatest friends!

08.31.2013_My Birthday_0007

After we got off the plane we found my sister and Justin and headed up to Chef’s Market where my parents, aunt and uncle, and several family friends met us for some lunch. We had a delicious meal and four different kinds of cake!

That evening we headed to the Pour House for Mandi and Mike’s rehearsal dinner. Being huge college football fans themselves, it was no surprise that they took great care of us and made sure the place had TVs so we wouldn’t miss the most important part of BIRTHDAY GAMEDAY!

08.31.2013_My Birthday_0003

Our seats for the first half

08.31.2013_My Birthday_0006Amy, me, and Mandi in a bride sandwich

We enjoyed chatting with everyone and seeing old friends, and then we settled in for kickoff. The game was amazing. The Tigers and my birthday both came out with a huge “W.” What a fun day!!

Game photos from


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