We’re having a boy!!

That’s a collective “we’re”… our family is getting a new little boy… I’m going to have a nephew! This Aunt thing is pretty awesome so far. Since we found out about little Joey (such a cute name!) I’ve been having a great time buying lots of presents and planning Amy’s baby shower… woot woot!

Amy put together such a cute reveal party back at the beginning of September. She surprised Justin by inviting his dad and step-mom down, and she planned a cute reveal scheme involving pink and blue balloons. I rode down to Tampa on “Big Red” for the big day. Amy and Justin went to her doctor’s appointment while the rest of us (of course my folks were around too) waited in anticipation at their house. When they came back they each got a pair of scissors and stood by one of the balloon bunches. They told us that they were going to count to three and then cut the string that wasn’t the one (so those balloons would float up to the ceiling and the appropriate colored ones would still be there for all the photos). On the count of three, Amy cut the pink strings. It’s a BOY!!!!!!! I can’t wait to meet him next year!

09.04.2013_Joey Reveal Party_SAC_0006“Big Red”

09.04.2013_Joey Reveal Party_LAP_0004

09.04.2013_Joey Reveal Party_SAC_0003Wait for it…

BAM… blue balloons!!

09.04.2013_Joey Reveal Party_LAP_0012

09.04.2013_Joey Reveal Party_LAP_0014Happy grandparents!

09.04.2013_Joey Reveal Party_LAP_0010

Too true!

09.04.2013_Joey Reveal Party_SAC_0005


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