Puppies, TJs, and Greeks

Last week I shared a couple pictures from an outing at the Mickosukee Greenway. I also promised more updates about what we’ve been up to around our new town.

We’re still getting our bearings and settling in, but along with all the house updates and furniture shopping we have managed to make some time to get out and about.

A few weeks ago we joined some friends for a pre-game cookout at their house, and we got to meet their puppy, Piper! Don’t these two look like they could be brothers!

09.21.2013_Chris and Piper_0004

The week of October 7th was a big one around town. On Wednesday the Whole Foods opened, and on Friday the Trader Joe’s opened. It was quite the big deal. Traffic was completely stopped on the roads near those two shopping plazas as people waited to get in. I let the crowds die down for two days, but made my way to TJs on Sunday with my friend, Kim (who happens to be Piper’s mom).

10.13.2013_Trader Joes Opens_0001

The Greek Festival also happened that weekend. On Friday and Saturday tons of people headed to the Greek Orthodox Church for an all-day party. We headed over on Friday night, and it was a blast. We had Greek food and drinks and enjoyed wandering through the crowd and watching everyone dance on the big stage. Those Greeks know how to have a good time!

10.11.2013_Greek Festival_0001


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