One Shower, Two Shower, Red Shower, Blue Shower

Chris, Scottie, and I hit the road on Halloween night for our big weekend in Tampa. I mentioned on my Wednesday blog post that I threw a baby shower for my sister. That happened on Saturday afternoon. But before I get to all the details of that here are a few photos from other events of the weekend. We had a lot going on!

Friday afternoon I got to go to Amy’s doctor appointment and see the ultrasound. I know I’m a biased Aunt, but Joey is so cute!

11.01.2013 - Sonogram

Saturday after the shower we went to Primetime to watch football. GO TIGERS!

11.02.2013_Tampa Weekend_0001

Sunday morning we enjoyed the much-needed extra hour of sleep. My boys are so cute.

11.03.2013_Tampa Weekend_0002

And Sunday afternoon we went to a family reunion. My dad helped plan the event, which was a gathering of about 150 people who are all related to my paternal grandmother is some way or another. We had a really great time. The Tampa Tribune even sent reporters out to cover the party!

11.03.2013_Tampa Weekend_0003

But back to the shower. A few months ago when we started thinking and talking about a baby shower my sister requested a storybook theme. Done and done! I loved it.

The menu was entirely book-themed. Here’s what her friends, Allison and Lindsay, and I came up with (click on a photo to enlarge it and see a slideshow)…

Decorations were pretty simple – we used books everywhere and hung two DIY book banners that I made. Lindsay made all the beautiful table signs telling guests what was what… she is so talented! Our games/activities were “my water broke,” diaper decorating, and, my favorite, one where we set a kitchen timer for random amounts of time while Amy opened presents. Every time the timer went off, the person whose gift she was opening won a prize. Woot woot!

11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0123 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0026

11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0014 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0015 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0032 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0029 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0117

It was so great to spend time with friends and family and celebrate Joey’s impending arrival.  He is definitely all set now with anything he could possibly need!

11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0004 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0008 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0012 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0013 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0017 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0018 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0021 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0011 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0024 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0041 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0055 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0058 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0059 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0088 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0034 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0065 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0073 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0109 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0112 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0097 11.02.2013_Amy's Baby Shower_0091


2 thoughts on “One Shower, Two Shower, Red Shower, Blue Shower

  1. Adorable!! Especially the turtle…Susan you are so talented 🙂 loved the caterpillar cake and all the games-definitely keeping those in mind for future showers! So exciting to see Amy and Justin preparing for little Joey, he is already one loved little boy as a previous blog post showed in another cute cake!!

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