The lil’ munchkin!

My nephew finally made his appearance last Wednesday! He was 8 days overdue. Turns out he’s a stubborn little guy.

My sister was absolutely amazing. She asked me to be in the room for labor and delivery, and I have never witnessed anything so incredible in my whole life. Amy bore the Pitocin-induced contractions like a champ. She didn’t take any painkillers until about 6 hours in. The nurse, Claudia, told Amy repeatedly how impressed she was. She said Amy was handling the contractions better than many of the epidural patients she’d had in the past. Claudia wanted to take Amy’s picture and hang it in the hallway with a sign that said, “this is how it’s done, ladies.”

Joseph made his appearance Wednesday morning at 12:50 am after almost 15 hours of labor. He was born on his great Uncle Jerry’s 70th birthday, and the doctor who delivered him is the son of the doctor who delivered Amy. Great stuff!

01.28.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0002 01.28.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0011

Stayin’ calm between contractions like a champ

01.28.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0018

Seriously, she was in labor here… my hero

01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0028

Dr. Yelverton – his dad delivered Amy

01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0047

Finally here!

01.29.2014 - Joseph Algase Weber iPhone (7)

01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0066

Proud Papa!

01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0038 01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0058 01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0062

Head circumference is the most important measurement for all the hats I’ll be making him!

Chris, who waited in the lobby until he could finally meet his nephew, and I headed home from the hospital about 2 am. The next morning as we tidied Amy and Justin’s house and packed our things, I went in to take a few photos of the nursery with all its final touches. I think the room knew that its little occupant was just down the street waiting to come home.

01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0077 01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0081

01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0085

01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0088

Chris and Scottie tested out the reading chair

At lunchtime we went back to the hospital to spend a couple of hours with everyone before heading back to Tallahassee. All newborns are pretty cute, but there is something super cool about a baby who looks like the people in your family.

01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0120_2

01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0103_2

I finally got to put the hat I made him on his little head!

01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0111_2

01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0123 01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0130_2

01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0095 01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0134

01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0141

Grandma snuggles!01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0145 01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0137

And Grandpa kisses!01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0138_2

Chris and I love him so much already! Scottie is the only one who hasn’t gotten to meet him yet, but Amy sent us home with one of Joey’s blankets, so I’m pretty sure Scottie loves him a lot already too.01.29.2014 - Joseph Algase Weber iPhone (8)


4 thoughts on “The lil’ munchkin!

  1. How beautiful! This is wonderful! Thank you for sending the pictures and for letting us share in your joy! We are looking forward to seeing sweet little Joseph! Love you all!

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