Turkey Flashback





Time to back up a few months and catch you up on our holiday celebrations. Thanksgiving was a busy week for us. We went down to Tampa the weekend before for the Southern Economic Association conference. While we were there Chris attended the conference, I went to the Florida Aquarium with my sister and my friend Cat, we had an early Thanksgiving celebration with my family, and we had an early birthday party for Chris.

11.23.2013_Florida Aquarium_0005 11.23.2013_Florida Aquarium_0006 11.23.2013_Florida Aquarium_0007 11.23.2013_Florida Aquarium_0011 11.23.2013_Thanksgiving_0001


Scottie chillin’ with his in-utero cousin

On Monday we left Scottie with my folks, and we hopped a flight to NJ for the middle portion of our Thanksgiving week. Tuesday we enjoyed Chris’ second birthday party with lots of friends, and on Turkey day we did the Flemington 5K with my bro- and sis-in-law to work up an appetite for our feast (I made the pies!).

11.28.2013_Thanksgiving_0003 11.28.2013_Thanksgiving_0004 01.15.2014_Thanksgiving_0010 20131128_162109 20131128_162124 20131128_162202Saturday we flew home. We stopped in Tampa for a few hours, this time for my dad’s birthday party, picked up Scottie, and then scurried home to catch the big Clemson game.



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