A Tale of Two Christmases

Aside from a few year-in-review posts that I’ll share soon, this is my last blog post about 2013!

We were lucky to celebrate Christmas twice in December, first with our family in Tallahassee and then with our family in New Jersey. After Thanksgiving Chris and I enjoyed decorating our house for the first time. We got a beautiful tree that was about an inch from the ceiling… never did get ornaments on it, but we covered it in our new LED lights, and it was so pretty that I couldn’t get myself to take it down until the MLK holiday. My folks, Amy, and Justin came up for a weekend in December… we watched Christmas movies, made homemade eggnog, drank lots of homebrewed cider, went to check out the pretty lights at a local park, did a maternity photo session, and had brunch with my cousin Patti and great Aunt Phyllis who live here in town.

12.04.2013_Christmas Prep_0001 12.13.2013_Christmas Prep_0003 12.13.2013_Christmas Prep_0005 12.13.2013_Christmas Prep_0006 12.13.2013_Christmas Prep_0007 12.13.2013_Christmas Prep_CMC_0006

Homebrewed cider!12.14.2013_Christmas Lights_CMC_0006 12.14.2013_Christmas Lights_CMC_0013 12.14.2013_Christmas Lights_CMC_0014 12.14.2013_Clapperroneber Christmas Photo_0004

Shortly before Christmas we headed up to NJ. Since we both have the flexibility to work from anywhere during FSU breaks, we stayed in that neck of the woods for about 2.5 weeks. Our big excitement was taking Scottie along with us. We got a pet carrier so he could fly under the seat. Scottie and I practiced for weeks beforehand, and he did awesome! I am so thrilled that we can take him with us when we fly on extended trips.

But then the second day in NJ Scottie thanked us for taking him along by having a dog emergency. Goodness knows why, but he decided it’d be fun to eat a bunch of grapes, which are poisonous to dogs, and then had to spend 72 hours getting his kidneys flushed at the vet ER. Good grief! Thankfully he came through alright and we got to pick him up at lunchtime on Christmas Day. Aside from that craziness, we visited our friends Ben, Cady, and Hannah, went to a lovely Christmas Eve service at my in-laws’ Church, and spent Christmas Day at Dave and Heather’s. Everyone outdid themselves with presents, and Dave and Heather made the most amazing feast in spite of being mid-kitchen remodel… I’m talking no sink, no appliances, no drywall. They made a full spread of appetizers, roast beast and asparagus on the grill, baked stuffed clams (don’t even know how they made those), brussels sprouts with bacon on the camp stove, cheesy cauliflower in the microwave, and biscuits in the toaster oven. It was unbelievable.

After Christmas we took the train to New York for a night to hang out with our friends, Steph, Melky, Matt, Mel, and Adam. We hit up the Met and the MOMA, had an amazing dinner at Maiolino, and enjoyed a mimosa brunch in the Financial District. For New Year’s Eve Chris and I needed a low-key night, so we went to see American Hustle, got Chinese takeout, and toasted at midnight while we snuggled our Scottie dog.

12.20.2013_Christmas_CMC_0001 12.20.2013_Christmas_CMC_0005 12.20.2013_Christmas_CMC_0006 12.21.2013_Christmas_CMC_0008 12.21.2013_Christmas in NJ_0003

I waited a year to wear my festive running socks!

12.23.2013_Christmas in NJ_0006

All smiles at the ER12.25.2013_Clapp Family Christmas_0005 12.25.2013_Clapp Family Christmas_0017 12.25.2013_Clapp Family Christmas_0025 12.25.2013_Clapp Family Christmas_0048 12.25.2013_Clapp Family Christmas_0054 12.25.2013_Clapp Family Christmas_0065 01.01.2014_Christmas_CMC_0003 12.28.2013_NYC with Steph_Steph_0005 12.29.2013_NYC with Steph_CMC_0010

It was so good to see Melk-man again!12.29.2013_NYC with Steph_0007 12.29.2013_NYC with Steph_Steph_0013 01.01.2014_New Year's Eve_0001Delicious, festive “dirt” my mother-in-law made us for our NYE dessert


One thought on “A Tale of Two Christmases

  1. You guys are certainly a busy couple! Well, family too, to include Scottie in it all! Great pics, and great coverage of the events as always! muah!

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