Crafty Round-up

It’s been over a month since my Christmas post, so I think it’s about time for those year-in-review posts I promised that day. Tomorrow you’ll get a look at our latest Clapp Family Yearbook, but in looking back through all my photos to make said book I discovered that 2013 was quite a crafty year for me (well, every year is pretty crafty, but I haven’t blogged about all my fun projects!). So today I thought I’d compile and share the 2013 project collection.

At the beginning of the year I gave these cuties to Laura for her little boy to be. It’s so hard to believe that Collin is a year old already! I hope he’s enjoying these toys!

01.11.2013_Laura's Baby Shower Gifts_0008 01.11.2013_Laura's Baby Shower Gifts_0010

01.12.2013_Laura's Baby Shower_0023My dad commissioned me to make some Art-cipes for some friends.

2013-02-03 20.07.35

I made Claire a giant puppy dog in the Spring. She named it CeCe.

05.20.2013_Claire's Puppy CeCe_0003 06.23.2013_Claire and Cici_0002I made bibs and hats for several other babies throughout the year…

07.08.2013_Heglet's Bibs_0001 07.19.2013_Megan Haecker's Baby Bib_0001 10.21.2013_Mandi's Shower Gifts_0001 11.25.2013_Robbie's Bear Hat_0003… and finished up a super warm hat knit with buffalo yarn for Chris (just in time for our move to sunny Florida, oops).

11.13.2013_Chris's Bison Hat_0002In the scarves/shawls department, I knitted a prayer shawl to comfort a friend going through a tough time, a lace shawl for my mother-in-law for Christmas, and a chunky large button cowl for myself that I designed based on some Pinsperation.

07.19.2013_C Haggerty's Prayer Shawl_0005 12.17.2013_Diane's Shawl_0002 12.25.2013_Clapp Family Christmas_0035 12.25.2013_Clapp Family Christmas_0045 01.19.2014 - Hakes WeddingAnd finally, I made a turtle for my nephew and a bright, green hat to put on his adorable newborn head.

10.30.2013_Joey's Turtle_0015 12.14.2013_Joseph Maternity Session_0031 01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0103_2 01.29.2014_Joseph Algase Weber_0119_2


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