Brotherly Love and Oranges

We ended our winter stay in the Northeast with a few nights in Philly for the Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association. This is the conference we went to in San Diego last year when Chris was on the job market. Let me tell you, going as just conference attendees was INFINITELY more fun. We spent a lot of our time there just talking and thinking about how happy we were to not be going through that job market process again!

Highlights of our long weekend there were:

  • Staying at the Ritz in downtown next to City Hall – we actually signed up early enough to get the conference rate at a swanky hotel this time around,
  • Hearing Jim Heckman, a Nobel prize-winning economist, give the Presidential Address to kick off our “nerding out,” plus I ran into my former boss, Qian, as we left the talk… so cool considering there are thousands of people who attend the conference!,
  • Snow! – we got some good snow our first night and had a great time dining out at a place with giant windows where we could watch it fall (though I did feel badly for all those job candidates who had to walk slide around in interview shoes the rest of the weekend),
  • Catching up over yummy meals with lots of friends who were in town for the nerd fun (Bonus: we had the most amazing pickled cherry tomatoes at Village Whiskey! We will be making those during tomato season this year),
  • Watching our Clemson Tigers beat Ohio State in the Orange Bowl!!!!!! The game was so awesome, and we saw it at the Philly Clemson Club sports bar with lots of other fans, so we all had a great time cheering them on!


01.02.2014_Phil City Hall frm Ritz in Snow_0014

Watchin’ the snow fall on City Hall01.02.2014_Phil City Hall frm Ritz in Snow_0015 01.03.2014_Philadelphia for the AEAs_0004 01.02.2014_Orange Bowl at the Philly Clemson Bar_0001


01.05.2014_Flight Home_CMC_0022 01.05.2014_Flight Home_CMC_0020 01.05.2014_Flight Home_0001

Home sweet home


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