Our Wedding Circuit Begins

We’ve got a busy wedding circuit this year… seven from mid-January through the end of July. That’s a rockin’ year, even for us! The first one took place MLK weekend in DC. Chris’ adviser from Clemson and good friend, Jahn, got hitched to his lovely Michelle.

Chris and I flew up to DC on Friday evening. We stayed with our friend, Jeff, at his place in Old Town, and we met up with a bunch of good friends that first night for dinner. Saturday before the wedding, Chris and I took a jogging tour of Alexandria and then ate some delicious lunch at the Pita House (one of our faves from the days when we lived up there). Then we got dolled up and headed to the wedding.

Jahn and Michelle had their nuptials at the historic Stone Mansion in Alexandria. We had our usual wedding fun, but this day came with extra feelings of thankfulness and joy. Back in the Fall of 2012, Jahn suffered from a heart attack. Afterward he spent many months fighting the good fight and making his comeback through numerous complications and a long stint in rehab. “In sickness and in health” carries a lot of weight when you know that a couple has been through something like they did and made it to the other end still side by side. Chris and I were so glad we got to witness the day they worked so hard to get to and celebrate the joy of their life and love together.

01.18.2014_Hakes Wedding_0005My apologies for not taking a better photo of the two of them, but you can see

Michelle’s awesome pink wedding dress in this one!

01.18.2014_Hakes Wedding



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