Doctored Up

We recently “doctored” up Chris’s home office. We’ve been looking for a good desk for him for a while. Back in November, Chris inquired about a nice “Executive desk U-shaped” someone was selling on Craigslist, but the seller said someone else was interested in it or coming by or something. She was asking for a good chunk of change, so it wasn’t too much of a bummer. Then, surprisingly, at the beginning of February, Chris got a message from the woman telling him the desk was still available and would he still be interested in buying it for $100… not a drop in the bucket, but that price was a good deal less than what she originally asked. So, that Saturday, he and I cleared out the back of the Jeep and headed over there to check it out. Wow! We were blown away. The desk is massive, in a really good way, and in impeccable shape. It was ours. No doubt. We loaded that puppy up, spent the afternoon setting it up, and then sat around basking in its glory. Does he look professorial or what?

02.08.2014_Chris's Desk_0001


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