Twin Hats and Twin Quilts

Our good friends from Clemson, Jon and Julie, are expecting twins in the next month or so! Wahoo!!!! And we all know what twins call for… baby presents in duplicates! When deciding what to make them for the handmade portion of our gift, I knew I wanted to use my custom-dyed Clemson yarn. One day I was in the yarn shop in Charlottesville, and I spotted some awesome hand-dyed skeins of yarn in UVa and in Virginia Tech colors, so naturally I thought to myself, “I need some of that, but in colors that don’t hurt my eyes.” I got in touch with the yarn artist, David Simpson of Green Dragon Yarns, and asked if he would dye some skeins in orange and purple for me. He said, “no problem,” and within a couple weeks my custom yarn was there in the shop waiting for me to pick up. David said the orange was easy, since he’d already figured that one out for UVa, but the purple took a few tries. I thought it was beautiful.

But back to the hat making. I found a cute newborn hat pattern and got to work. Chris suggested I make the two mirror images of each other (an idea that I loved) so I knitted the second one inside-out to get the colors to go in the opposite direction. I love how they came out!

02.18.2014_Hehbies' Hats_0004 02.19.2014_Hehbies' Hats_0014

My mom also got in on the action. She’s a quilter, so she put together a pair of adorable orange and purple quilts (she also had the mirror-image idea). When she was in Tallahassee in February (more details on that visit to come next week) we had fun finishing and packaging up our goodies to send up for Julie’s baby shower.

02.19.2014_Hehbies' Quilts_0010


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