President’s Day Respite

The end of January and early February were super busy for me at work, so by the time President’s Day rolled around I needed a little break. I decided to combine some days off with the Monday holiday, and I asked my mom if she’d like to come to Tallahassee to hang out for a few days. Lucky for me, she liked that idea!

We packed a lot into our few days together. We finished up and mailed our presents for the twins, toured around some Tallahassee neighborhoods, enjoyed nice long walks with Scottie, and had a lunch date with my cousin Patti and great Aunt Phyllis. For the latter we met up with them for lunch at Old Town Diner and then introduced them to Lofty Pursuits, where we had homemade ice cream and watched old-fashioned candy making. Mom’s visit was just for a few days, but it was nice to have some mother-daughter time!

Candy making is truly fascinating… I put the after picture first, just so you can know where the guy was headed when you look through the photos. They start with these massive pieces of warm, soft candy of different colors, form the shape they want to come out in the end, but at a much larger scale, then roll the piece into these long thin rods that are cut into the little individual pieces.

02.18.2014_Old Fashioned Candy Making_0004

02.18.2014_Old Fashioned Candy Making_0001 02.18.2014_Old Fashioned Candy Making_0003 02.18.2014_Old Fashioned Candy Making_0005 02.18.2014_Old Fashioned Candy Making_0006



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