Daughters need dad time too

Tuesday I told you about my mother-daughter time in February, but I was lucky enough to also get father-daughter time in February! My dad had to stop through town on a driving trip to TN (mom had to fly up and meet him because of her work schedule), so he left Tampa early in the morning the day of his trip so we could spend some time together.

He met me as I came out of my late-morning yoga class, and we went downstairs in the little plaza where my studio’s located to have lunch at Little Italy, a cute little restaurant I’ve been wanting to try since I first saw it. After lunch we drove around town a bit so I could show him some of the neighborhoods we’ve been exploring in the hunt for our first house (yes, we’re house hunting, but we’re no where near buying!).  Then we headed farther out so he could show me a few spots he’s found on previous trips here. Turns out we were also headed toward Bradley’s Country Store, a place that is famous around here for their “homegrown” pork products. We stopped in for some old-timey candy, sausage, and bacon – great combo, huh! That night we enjoyed a delicious dinner, though I did think of those cute little piggies while we were eating!

02.27.2014_Bradley's Sausage_0001 02.27.2014_Bradley's Sausage_0002 02.27.2014_Bradley's Sausage_0003


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