Fourteen! inches of powder

Chris and I headed to Utah for four days of skiing during our Spring Break this year. Major highlights:

  • We skied two days at Snowbird and two days at Alta (my fave in the country!). On the morning of our last ski day we woke up to 7 inches of powder and another 7 fell throughout the day. We had so much fun playing and practicing in the stuff! I still don’t quite have the hang of it, but Chris totally nailed one tough run and said it was just like bouncing back and forth from fluffy cloud to fluffy cloud.
  • We stayed at the Cliff Club condos at Snowbird… ski-in/ski-out is freakin’ awesome!
  • Lynn drove up from Durango to hang out for part of our stay

We’re already planning our trip for next Spring Break!

03.07.2014_Spring Break Ski Trip_CMC_0001

Stopped for breakfast on our way to the Valdosta airport… all I can say is, “Georgia.”

03.07.2014_Spring Break Ski Trip_CMC_0002

Mountains, how I missed thee!
03.08.2014_Spring Break Ski Trip_0003 03.08.2014_Spring Break Ski Trip_0004 03.08.2014_Spring Break Ski Trip_CMC_0003

Sweet lunch date with the hubby03.10.2014_Spring Break Ski Trip_0006 03.10.2014_Spring Break Ski Trip_0009 03.10.2014_Spring Break Ski Trip_CMC_0007 03.11.2014_Spring Break Ski Trip_0001

View from the hot tub

03.11.2014_Spring Break Ski Trip_0010



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