Joey was baptized in March, and Amy and Justin asked me and Chris to be his sponsors. We headed down to Tampa for the weekend to do that and to celebrate the day with our families. It was also the weekend that Scottie finally met his cousin (Scottie seemed mildly interested, and Joey really wasn’t sure about it!).

This first set of photos are from the Church service and were taken by our friend, Jen Abert.


Joey wore the 100-year-old baptismal gown that has been worn throughout the years by many of my family members on my mom’s side (me, Amy, my mom, aunts and uncles, cousins, and grandfather).130323-7 130323-8 130323-18 130323-20 130323-24 130323-26 130323-31


I took the rest of these during the post-Church celebration at Amy’s house.

03.23.2014_Joey's Baptism_0008

Snuggling with his Aunt Morgan (Justin’s sister)

03.23.2014_Joey's Baptism_0012

Showing off an awesome baptism gift

03.23.2014_Joey's Baptism_0016

Smilin’ at his daddy03.23.2014_Joey's Baptism_0029 03.23.2014_Joey's Baptism_0037 03.23.2014_Joey's Baptism_0038 03.23.2014_Joey's Baptism_0066 03.23.2014_Joey's Baptism_0070 03.23.2014_Joey's Baptism_0088

03.23.2014_Joey's Baptism_0027

03.22.2014_Joey's Baptism_0002

Exhausted after entertaining an infant…

03.23.2014_Joey's Baptism_0006 (2)…but also longing to turn around and go back.


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