Getting our hands dirty

I think it’s fitting for my next post to be about car repair, since the reason we even do our own car repair is Buzz. In my family, when something’s wrong with the car, it goes to the shop. In the Clapp family, you bust out the tools and the jack and see what the trouble is. Chris does our routine oil changes, fluid checks, air filter replacements, etc., and he’s fixed almost all the other things that have gone wrong with our cars in the 15 years that I’ve known him (always after a consult with his Dad). The only time the cars go to the shop is when the problem is something that Chris doesn’t have the time or tools to tackle, like axle problems or full A/C system replacements.

So when our Hyundai starting having intermittent starting problems over the past few months (one of the times I was stranded I called Buzz, and he got me going again), Chris got to work.  He first replaced the spark plugs since it was about time for that and it was a cheap and easy possible fix. That didn’t do it, so next up on the about time for it/cheap/easy list was the fuel filter, and I helped him tackle that one (sometimes you need a ladies’ delicate hands to reach down in the tiny spaces). I’m in the back seat in the photo because changing the fuel filter, which is under the hood, requires taking out the back seat cushion… car repair is full of surprises. We don’t know if the problem is fixed yet, but so far the car has started up fine. Either way it was a fun way to spend a few hours with the hubby on a Saturday… and, as usual when I help Chris out in the garage, it made me feel pretty badass.

03.30.2014_Car Repair_0001Back cushion – out you go!



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