Something new, something blue, and something that will bite you!

I have a lot of craft projects going on right now, so it’s nice when I finish some and can post about them!

I figured out how to embroider this Spring, and I made wedding handkerchiefs for two lovely brides (one of whom is getting married Saturday!). I’m hoping Missy and Boo will enjoy having these “something new and something blue” keepsakes.

04.15.2014_Missy's Wedding Handkerchief_0003 04.15.2014_Missy's Wedding Handkerchief_0008

03.15.2014_Boo's Handkerchief_0006

03.15.2014_Boo's Handkerchief_0008


I’ve also been crocheting a few amigurumi. The first one I finished this year was for Cat’s birthday. We had this conversation on g-chat back in February:

omg.. i just noticed your adorable turtle in the crib.
If i don’t have kids in 10 years will you just make me a cute animal so i can have one

You don’t have to have a kid to get an animal! 🙂

So I sent her the page of patterns I use and told her to pick one out… she fell in love with Dale the Mosquito. I stitched him up and shipped him off for her birthday in March. I love his buggy eyes!

03.03.2014_Cat's Mosquito_0003
03.03.2014_Cat's Mosquito_0007



6 thoughts on “Something new, something blue, and something that will bite you!

  1. You might make Dale for your back yard. Maybe he would scare off the natural critters!!! I love him. The hankies are beautiful. Mom

  2. I love my hankie! I love that you put it in a heart, too. 🙂 Thank you for this very thoughtful gift! I’ll miss having you there, but know my prayers go with you. Love you!

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