We so made that wedding

We spent July 4th in Hershey, PA this year. Our friends, Cat and Nate, got hitched! And in the words of our good friend, JDD, who was a critical piece of our own big day – we so made that wedding!

Ok ok, so really all the work Cat and Nate did made that wedding, but Chris and I like to think that we were critical components, as he officiated, and I made the ever important flag cake for the rehearsal dinner!

We headed up to PA early on the Fourth. I dropped Chris off at the wedding venue so he could rehearse the ceremony with everyone, and then I took Scottie to check in at the hotel. For the evening we headed over to Cat’s mom and dad’s house. Their families put together a fantastic 4th of July rehearsal picnic. We had great food, good times, and lots of yummy cake.

07.04.2013_Cat and Nate's Wedding Weekend_0121

07.04.2013_Cat and Nate's Wedding Weekend_0010

07.04.2013_Cat and Nate's Wedding Weekend_0008

07.04.2013_Cat and Nate's Wedding Weekend_0018

07.04.2013_Cat and Nate's Wedding Weekend_0054

07.04.2013_Cat and Nate's Wedding Weekend_0079

07.04.2013_Cat and Nate's Wedding Weekend_0100

07.04.2013_Cat and Nate's Wedding Weekend_0101

07.04.2013_Cat and Nate's Wedding Weekend_0128

07.04.2013_Cat and Nate's Wedding Weekend_0134

On Friday morning I went to mani-pedis with the girls and then met up with Chris and others for lunch. That afternoon we got all gussied up, and then we headed over to the venue, the Hershey Antique Car Museum, which is a super-cool place to have a wedding, for showtime. Chris did a great job officiating his first nuptials! After the ceremony we all headed downstairs to the reception hall to party. Everything was beautiful, the food was great, and the dancing was fun!

07.05.2013_Cat and Nate's Wedding Weekend_0155

07.05.2013_Cat's Wedding_0005

07.05.2013_Cat and Nate's Wedding Weekend_0173

07.05.2013_Cat and Nate's Wedding Weekend_0175

07.05.2013_Cat and Nate's Wedding Weekend_0186

07.05.2013_Cat and Nate's Wedding Weekend_0201

07.05.2013_Cat and Nate's Wedding Weekend_0232

07.05.2013_Cat and Nate's Wedding Weekend_0240

Photo bomber!

07.05.2013_Cat and Nate's Wedding Weekend_0229


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